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Week of FM 2016, challenge for speakers

 16th WFM 2016 would bring motto: 

SMART Facility Management.

 HQ of Czech IFMA chapter wants to accomplish their vision is in harmony with a lot of SMART acronyms rounding us. Each of us have met with Smart phone, Smart grid, smart metering, Smart technologies, Smart building, Smart City, Smart generation and it looks like items are never ending. We want to discuss what SMART in above mentioned phrases does mean. It is usually considered that SMART behavior is such that it is able to learn. With the advent of technologies that enable the system to learn (sometimes we talk about "deep learning" or "machine learning") we can find the main differences between what is able to learn and what is not. So the main difference between the smart metering and his silly predecessor is the possibility of communication, where metering unit is able to tell how many units of the energy this engine meter flow through by standardized communication protocol. Whether this behavior is SMART, we could disbelieve. Also, I don't know whether we would like to have our children as smart, as the building. However, the inflation of the word SMART is here. Conference with a similar name SMART FM has organized in April 2016 Singapore IFMA and FMJ from April contains articles with names: "Smart technologies – Smarter FM". Whether we want to or not, SMART themes are here. So, we want hear from experts from different disciplines, what they considered to be SMART and what not.  


We would welcome any “SMART” presentation from any part of world, but we would little bit prefer European countries, lectures from cooperating associations, mainly from Central and Eastern European part of Europe. We have been selected 5 following spheres, which we will want to prefer. But if you will want to show us something interesting out of these spheres, please propose annotation for us. 

We expect 30 minutes presentation in two following days. Your presentation could be in English, Czech or Slovak languages. IFMA CZ will welcome presentations from following spheres:



1.       Technological innovations of part FM elements, their integration, development of SMART integration, finding context of elements or technologies through big data of assets and properties, systems able machine learn. How to solve conflicts between simple, non-expensive, disposable applications with ability to integration based on IT standards with huge, complex, expensive IWSM solutions. What is the driver of next BMS and IWSM integration and development? Is it BIM, big data processing, is it IOT?


2.       Problems connected to actual status and future development of FM branch. It is not cool for young, it is not in medial focus and public focus, which is only partly educate in our universities, under different names and lectures and which is not in Czech nor CEN lists of economic activities. Costs and profits from Integrate FM services, and Added Value of FM principles are not simple explainable in two words. Conflicts between providers and clients, problems of public tenders in context with new regulation, conflicts between proposition of simple services and complex FM, conflicts between insourcing and outsourcing. We really welcome views to FM from different branches, mainly from different parts of industry. Industry production in CR create more than 45% of GDP, more than in other EU countries, so we can see good samples of existing FM arrangement in industry, Government, Health Care, Education, infrastructural construction, etc. How to save our branch for young, how to attractive it?


3.       Theoretical imagination of SMART FM. News in IWSM, Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart metering, Smart Grid,…, dumb people. Robots approaching to FM, Social Networks and or in FM.  


4.       Insourcing versus Outsourcing. How to measure added value? What should be outsourced and what not? Is Outsourcing for anybody? Statistics and Surveys in that branch. How to combine In and out, who is responsible for what, SLA and KPI. Client and provider view.


5.       Status and development of FM branch, associations, members and international cooperation. We are curious of development in your country.


We want to challenge you to input name and annotation of your potential presentation by forms located in our web. You have to be registered user to input it, unfortunately. Since these forms are only in Czech language, you must use translation disposable at the web site.


 So, your annotation could be input by this link.





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